I have a plane ticket

The implications there may be obvious. How can this be? Between my February visit and now, life has completely changed. I was grateful for my life before, and gratitude permeates the now through all the unknowns.

While doing what I can to support the creation of our new school, moving out of my house (where I've lived for over three of my eight years in glimmering Seattle, WA), seeing friends potentially for the last time in some time, and raising support for my monthly living expenses in the Middle East, I have taken little time for reflection. Recent events in America have led me further to a place of humility and concern for my neighbor. I want to listen and shout out against injustice all at the same time as I drive to Home Depot to pick up lumber and paint for the garage. Something so benign, yet needed to land in time for the new year ahead. 

The creation of this site felt healthy as a place to share appropriate information about school building, education, music in progress, writing, learning like my life depends on it... things I love that I hope are worth your time to read. I want you with me. Come along.